Hearts Card Game The Misery of King and Queen

Hearts card game is a game which is famous because of having certain features like tactics and the dodge games present and played all over the world. In this world, every person is busy in his/her activities regarding his/her field of life or field of business. The people want to get some free time to take some rest and to relax for the moment. For this purpose, the people proceed to certain areas to spend their free time where all the comforts are present like parks, coastal areas or other related places. Some of the people who are fond of games get their focus to the grounds and the play spots to play some games to get fresh to get back to their work once again.

Hearts Card Game

As far as games are concerned, there are two types of games which are played on a large scale all over the world. One of them is called the outdoor game which includes all the games which are played outside in the fields or in the grounds like hockey, football, cricket etc. Another one is called the indoor game which includes all the games which can be played even inside a room to get some excitement and refreshment for the time being. These games include chess, cards and other related games which actually increase the mental level of the people and also provides some excitement to the players especially upon winning the game. We are here to talk about one of the indoor games which is generally known as Hearts card game. This game is widely played all over the world and is popular amongst the people either the people who play this game on their computer or play physically with the cards.

Related Names for Hearts Card Game

There are a lot of names related to the Hearts card game which are expressed here to ensure that the people can get to its related names as well so that people can evaluate the game before playing this technical as well as dominant indoor game in the world. The people also have their own self-made names for the game but we will not consider their names because the names should be familiar and importantly acceptable for the people all over the world who can take and understand these names and can play the games related to the cards.

Hearts Card Game-002

Some of the popular names for the card games are given below to evaluate the all-important players of the particular game and want to know the related names of the game.

  • Queen of spades
  • Crubs
  • Rickety kate
  • Black lady
  • Black swear
  • Black queen

Historical Background of this Game

The game has vast and broad historical aspects which are that the game was played at the old times in the era of kings and queens. The people at that time were not much familiar with this game because in the past the people were more related to the outdoor games which were widely played all over the world. Most of the games were played in front of the existing kings and queens but still the kings of certain states were mostly attracted towards this game because they wanted to check their intelligence level to evaluate that how much intelligent they were. The winner used to express that he was the most intelligent person of the era because he had won the Hearts card game or other related tactical games like chess and others. So the criterion of intelligence and brilliance was based on this super brain-storming game.


After some time, the game became more popular to the general people of the all the countries and they started to play this game and found it pretty challenging and the competing game to them. It was 1750 when this game became the most popular game amongst all the related games at that time and from then it started to get popular day by day and became one of the challenging games in the world as far as indoor games are concerned. In 1850, the hearts were allotted 1 point and then the queen was also added to this game to evaluate it before grabbing the queen into the specific area.

In 1920, the game was more organized by changing the method of the game, and then the people got some more attraction towards the game. The people got more possessiveness to this game and started to play this game at an official level so that they can get the value of the game on the official level.

In the late 90’s, the game got some promising start when it was developed by the Microsoft which is the leading computer software provider all over the world at the moment. The whole criteria of the game were settled in a programming way so that the people can play this game on their PC’s and the tablets also nowadays.

Optimal Players to Play This Card Game

Many players can accommodate to play this game but the most optimal scenario for the players is that the players should be four in order to get the equal amount of the cards amongst all the four players. With 4 players the game becomes more organized. This is because the total number of the cards in the game is 52 so each player can get 13 cards so that they can play the game optimally with the equal number of cards.


If there are three players then the card with the heart and the number 2 will be dropped and other 51 cards will be provided to all three players equally as each player will obtain 17 cards to play the game on the equal basis. If there are five players to play the game then the cards are reduced to 50 in order to provide 10 cards to each player so that the card having the heart of number 2 and other card having the leaf of number 2 will be removed to make the total number of cards equal to 50. 50 cards can be easily distributed to the five people. This criterion will be justified according to the number of the players but it will be more optimal and good if the number of thee players will be 4 because in this best case there will be no need of adding or removing the cards from the game.

Hearts Card Game Player Turn


In this game as we are taking the optimal numbers of the players which is 4 so the cards will be distributed equally to all the 4 players i.e. 13 cards to each player then one of them will start the game and will throw one of the card amongst those 13 cards which the player1 has for him. After the player1 the second player will take his turn who will be seated aside of the player1 clockwise. So the 1st turn of all the players will proceed to its end when all the four players have played their turns. This scenario will be preceded till the end until one of the player getting least scores of fouls will be the winner of the game.

Required Skills for to Play This Game

If we talk about the skills and the tactics then obviously the experience can be helpful while playing the game like this. But here is good news for the people who have no specific experience or skills related to the game that they can play this game easily. All they have to know is the process that how to play this game so that the people can use their IQ and their brain’s capability to compete with the other players either they are 2, 3, 4, 5 or more. It does not matter that how big the player is against which you are playing but the game is in your hand until you have the last card in your hand because a single card can change you luck within few seconds.

Ranking of the Cards


The ranking of the cards is really very simple and unique so that even a beginner can proceed to play an astonishing game with the experienced people of the game. The highest ranked card is the A card followed by King followed by the queen and then the cards having the countdown occurs like 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2 and then no trump occurs at the end of the game.

Scoring in this Game

The scoring in hearts card game is really simple that every player except one who wins the current trick has the penalty of one point so that if the winner takes the Q from the cards then 13 points will be charged as a penalty to others. So according to this situation, there are total 26 penalty points present on the mark to get them and to get a step ahead of others. The Hearts card game gets finished when one of the players exceeds to 100 points and wins the game by a big margin with the help of the ability to use the mind and the skills which the winner has got.

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